About us..

Hi folks, we are a bunch of social and creative entrepreneurs preparing cool future stuff together with a growing network of partners. All true creativity lovers, creative and business professionals, innovators and hubs connecting creativity with a purpose 😉

We are specialists into the field of creative crowdsourcing and storytelling. At the moment we are at the latest section of our pivoting stage, including a transformation of our webplatform into a brand new one. So all content and storylines from the past will be online again soon!

Furthermore we a are adding bottom-up social design programs in The Netherlands and abroad to complete our positioning. We do this with great passion and based on the latest Design Thinking principles.

The video content of this future storylines will also be integrated into our new platform and then we are at the right frequency to put the music louder.

Work in progress and please stay tuned!

If you have any questions, need creative help or just want to meet for a cup of coffee to exchange ideas, please engage on Whatsapp or call +31 6 24 933 696. Thanks a lot. We are always exploring new partnerships for a creative and sustainable future!

Finally and good to know, we are an independent startup organization ‘owned by the crowd’ through online and offline depository receipts crowdfunding campaigns. This growing network of over one hundred ‘angels’ also resulted into fruitful business connections, which is the true power of crowdfunding.

Would you like to join our ship? There are some seats left… Please be welcome and maybe we will sail the oceans together soon!


On behalf of all partners involved,