Infinite Creativity

Ready for fresh ideas? New designs? Innovative solutions? We have it all. And we have lots of it! At Created on Friday, one creative issue yields an unlimited number of solutions, from an unlimited number of angles. We call that Creativity by All!

Open and transparent

Everyone can see the best ideas and vote on them. This way you know which solutions are the most popular. Your audience will also get to know you in a new and innovative way. This way, ideas are generated that already have support before they are executed. And that saves time and money!

Creation Stories

We capture the process on video: from the very beginning to the apotheosis. Shareable, personal videos, professionally produced in the unique Created on Friday style. This way inspiring stories, new collaborations and a unique way to reach a much larger audience are created.

We are looking forward to work with you. You too? Let’s get in touch!