What is Created on Friday?

Infinite creativity, worldwide

Every day, new creative challenges arise. All over the world. At small startups, at municipalities, at companies. Sometimes you want something different. Sometimes you want something new!

Created on Friday collects these challenges. We call them 'Calls for Creation' and we offer them on our platform. Because we believe that everyone is creative. And that everyone should get the chance to show that to the world. Creativity by all!

A marketplace for creativity

You could say we are a marketplace for creativity. One with thousands of inspiring creatives and a constantly growing offer of the coolest brands and challenges. An open platform where everyone has an equal chance and an equal voice. Where unlimited creativity from all over the world comes together.

So how does this work?

At Calls for Creation, the creative challenges we have collected are listed. A video explains what is expected of the creatives. And what it brings, because true creativity is golden. But because that's heavy, slick, shiny and impractical, we just pay our creatives in cash.

All creatives who find this a fun challenge can pitch their solution. In a video of up to one minute. Everyone gets to vote on what he or she thinks is the best pitch. The client chooses, partly based on that, the best three from all submitted pitches en these will get rewarded. Often the same day and tax-free. And sometimes also via royalties.

The winning idea is eventually realized in collaboration with the creative who came up with it. This whole process takes place over three Fridays (you were wondering where the name came from). The first Friday we post the Call for Creation online. On the second Friday, the top three are announced. And finally, on the third Friday, we show the final result. And we'll celebrate a little, as soon as we're allowed to again.

Why Created on Friday?

Infinite creativity!

Often creative issues within a company are tackled by the same people, whether within the company or at a regular advertising agency. And where the same people keep facing the same creative issues, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with refreshing solutions.

Created on Friday offers clients the opportunity to receive ideas and perspectives from all over the world, from all different nationalities, ages, races and genders. Because...

...everyone is equal!

Often hip companies are out of reach for the just starting creative. Also, a company from Sweden is not likely to approach someone in Panama, or vice versa. At Created on Friday everyone has an equal chance and it's not about origin, location, age, race, gender or which company you work for: it's about your idea. And the best idea wins!

Complete transparency!

Because Created on Friday is an open platform, every step of the process is transparent. This also makes it easy to see which ideas are supported by the public and how popular the Call for Creation is.

Cool videos!

Reading is fun, but watching is even more so! We will make fat videos of the entire process. Super cool storytelling for the website and all social channels, for maximum engagement!

Something for you?

Are you creative, do you want to show that to the world and be richly rewarded for it? Then register now for free and start pitching!

Do you want to tap into new, infinite creativity? Want thousands of creatives from all over the world to see your Call for Creation? Then get in touch with us!