Architectural Heritage Somaliland

Architectural Heritage Somaliland

Not many people know the beautiful Somaliland in the Horn of Africa. You can find some really beautiful architectural treasures over there, because of all the different cultures that interacted with Somaliland over the centuries. The Ottoman Clubhouse (pictured above) from early 1500 is a great example.

Unfortunately these buildings are not in a good condition anymore and if nothing will be done these treasures will be gone soon. So quick action is required. A second massive problem in Somaliland is the high level of unemployment. This is why, together with local partners, the diaspora, the government and an international aid worker, we initiated this Social Design program called ‘Architectural Heritage Somaliland’.

The basic idea of the program is to renovate these architectural treasures to create jobs. And after renovation, these buildings will get a public or private function to create even more jobs. Created on Friday will be the creative partner for the needed creativity and to connect the storyline of the program with the local and international community and the Somali dispora. An example of one of the Calls for Creation on our platform is branding the new restaurant that will be built inside the Ottoman Clubhouse.

Quite an adventurous program and really inspirational to be involved in. The video campaign for donors will be released soon, so please stay tuned.

Berbera Prison

Amoud University Borama

Zeila Mosque

All the buildings above have been assigned to our program by the government of Somaliland.