Arnhem – 7 Straatjes

A group of entrepreneurs in the ‘7 Straatjes’ region in the centre of Arnhem was looking for a creative solution to support the branding of their cosy shopping area. They received a total of 42 pitches, with enormous variety. Bart van den Hoven, a Dutch designer who lives and works in Berlin, won with his idea and design of entry gates. Together with the councilor they threw a little party in the centre of Arnhem to reveal the gates.

Call for Creation
Top 5 Pitches and Winner

Final Creation

Please check out the top 5 pitches and the winner below:

1. Bart van den Hoven — 7 Entrees. Kom Binnen en Ontdek (Winner!)
2. Patricia Vernooij — Groene Graffity
3. Martijn Rothuizen — Yellow Brick Road
4. Rifke Elbers — I Have This Thing With Floors
5. Annemarie Theunissen — Arnhems Meisje