Our concept

Created on Friday Process Flow

About our concept

Our online video format provides in multiple valuable services for the key actors involved, our clients and the creatives. That’s what makes us unique!

Services for our clients:

Access to creativity and a storyline campaign

First of all our clients are looking for creativity. We connect them with brilliant designers and artists who have that creativity. Bingo! All pitches will be uploaded to our platform. The client selects the four best pitches and the public votes for the fifth pitch (wildcard) that goes to the final. These 5 pitches receive a lot of exposure through different social media channels. After that, the client selects te winner.

Secondly our clients need a good storyline campaign to support their marketing goals. Our online video format is in fact a full creation storyline from beginning till the end. It provides in our clients campaign need perfectly, because during the storyline there are multiple opportunities for our clients to engage with their audience. So more value for less money!

Services for our creatives:

Access to great clients and make money

We provide the creatives on our platform access to great brands and let them make money by sharing their creativity. The creatives respond to the clients’ Call for Creation with great video pitches. As a reward the top 5 pitches selected by both the client and the public will receive price money, while they add amazing brands to their portfolios.

But the greatest rush of Created on Friday is winning the Call for Creation and having your winning design realised as well. How cool! Because that’s what Created on Friday is all about. We follow the storyline till the end and bring together the actors involved. By the way, creatives can also receive royalties if the Final Creation will be produced and sold commercially.

Our way of working

Before a Call for Creation video is being produced and released online we work out a clear Call for Creation project plan together with our client. In fact, we design the complete storyline based on three key activities.

  • We create at least two videos: the Call for Creation (with all the details of the client’s need) and the Final Creation video (with the launch of the result).
  • The social media and communication campaign to engage with the right clients’ target audiences at the right time through the right channels with the right content.
  • Online marketing on social media channels for extra high and targeted viewer reach.

Our business model

We outsource all three above activities to digital professionals in our network. So we bring good payable business to the freelance creative industry as well, which is a strong asset during our growth stage. We add the price money from the Top 5 pitches to these three cost components to get our net fixed costs of a project. A commission of 25% above these net costs goes to Creation on Friday, which enables us to grow as a startup organization in a profitable position. For the Social Design Calls the commission is 10%.

Our organization

Created on Friday has a a small and strong core team with a network of digital professionals, and innovators around them.

Wouter Cooijmans

Wouter Cooijmans is co-founder and CEO. He has a university degree in Business Economics with a specialization in Organizational Change with IT.

Martijn van Wageningen

Martijn van Wageningen is co-founder and CTO, responsible for our new platform and all digital and social media integration. He studied Human and Information Technology at Fontys

Janet van Milligen

And we have our vlogger and co-founder Janet van Milligen, responsible for social media and online marketing. She studied Communication, Information and Media at InHolland.